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Earn Amazing Revenue With
Exoverse Finance

Exoverse Finance
is a Futuristic Real Estate Trading NFT Strategy Game deployed on the Avalanche Blockchain.

Generate amazing wealth in a few steps, while enjoying multiple innovative features such as the Anti-Bear Mechanism!

EXO Token

The EXO smart contract is built with the best available technology resources, to offer life time sustainability and price growth to all of it's holders.

If you hold EXO, you will have acces to all of the utilities in the Exoverse Ecosystem. On top of this, you will be eligible for exclusive releases.

EXO droids

Exo Droids are the main force of the Exoverse Construction Sites. Each Exo Droid has its unique DNA, which shall be used as a personal key to grant acces different kind of utilities.

Once your Exo Droid NFT is deployed, it will represent your Exoverse Career from that moment. Being the owner of an Exo Droid comes with many benefits.


Every buy through the decentralized market is subject to a 6% Buying Fee (1% Developments, 1% Wormhole, 1% Marketing, 3% Exoverse Tax Slots).

Every sell through the decentralized market is subject to a 8% Selling Fee (2% Developments, 1% Wormhole, 2% Marketing, 3% Exoverse Tax Slots).

Contract Perks

The EXO Token Smart Contracts are using new features and special perks to compete with the biggest projects in the entire crypto space.

There is a variation of 5 different perks in total. One of these perks is our unique Anti-Bear Mechanism. Each perk is designed to function decentralized.

New Features

Exoverse Finance makes use of a wide variety of complex features, which could be explored by reading the White Paper.

One of these new features is the Exoverse Tax Slot feature! Learn more about this specific feature by reading the Exoverse Finance WhitePaper.

Public Sale

The Public Sale phase has officially started, and we will officially host our Public Sale on the Pinksale platform.

More information regarding this topic to be added during second maintenance.