The Exoverse

The Exoverse on the Avalanche Blockchain is made up of a limited number of Metaverse city blocks combined with customizable, inventive, and innovative Exoverse Estates.

The ERC-721 (NFT) token standard is used to represent each Exoverse Estate.

Turn over as much Exoverse Estates revenue as possible to compete against other Exoverse Estate Agents in the Exoverse.

Whether it's through the renting of a few Apartments, hosting daily video clip shootings by the top musicians in your Mansion, or running one of the city's largest Casinos!

P2E Mechanism

The project is designed to provide the users with a fun and lucrative experience by building/owning Exoverse Estates, and being a part of the Exoverse, while being rewarded daily in $EXO.

You got the opportunity to grow your Exo Droid to a real estate agent in the metaverse while generating yourself daily passive income through Exoverse Estate Revenue.

Exoverse Estates are player-owned NFTs which may be traded on our NFT Marketplace or selling them via P2P.

Exoverse Seasons

Exoverse Finance will introduce exclusive seasons to the Eco System, which creates a high scarcity amongst all of the minted limited NFTs from each Season.

Different seasons also means there will be different NFTs over time. Each season has it's own unique style and theme, all inspired by the Exoverse.

By creating scarcity amongst the limited NFT's from each season, we generate more interest and activity through our Exoverse NFT Marketplace. Make sure to get your Estates, before it's too late!